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Concrete Paving

This is a picture of a concrete paving service.

We have concrete down to a science. We have the chemistry, the technology and the technique to build beautiful and durable concrete paving, driveways and walkways.

There’s a few things you should know about concrete, and our approach to concrete paving specifically. 


Not All Concrete Is Made Equal

You can spend a half hour on YouTube and have a basic idea of how to pour concrete. 

Here’s the problem with DIY and general contractors who don’t live and breathe concrete though. Concrete takes years to master. You can’t expect to get a durable, attractive concrete surface after a watching a few videos! Nor can you expect it from people who just do a “bit of concrete” from time to time.

We’ve invested years of refinement and a ton of expensive equipment into getting concrete perfect. Our work is durable. It’s beautifully finished. And we can keep the prices down because we are a specialist paving outfit.  

Compared to a general contractor, we can finish a concrete paving job more efficiently at lower cost. It’ll also cure faster and stay in perfect shape for much longer. 


Concrete Which Looks Great? No Problem!

Many of those looking for new paving imagine that concrete might be the least attractive option. Not if it’s done right!

The wonderful thing about concrete is that it’s versatile. You can polish it up to give it a striking industrial finish. You can stamp it to lend an ornate or corporate branded feel. You can texture concrete to make it both more visually interesting and high traction for outdoor areas. You can also stain it pretty much every color imaginable. 

With the right techniques and knowhow, concrete can actually look amazing. Seeing is believing? Give us a call! We’ll be happy to show you a portfolio of cool concrete finishes. 

Whichever look choose, we’ll make sure it pops and adds significantly to the value of your home. 


So Why Work With Leander Paving Pros?

In Two words: we’re specialists. 

We’re a fully licensed, bonded and insured paving company. You won’t find better concrete paving!

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