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Asphalt and Concrete Repair


Here’s a bit of free advice for you. If you ever say this: “They’re only small cracks. I’ll worry about them later” then do yourself a favor and don’t wait. 

Asphalt and concrete are a bit like your teeth. If you ignore a little problem it can rapidly become a much bigger and costlier problem. Fixing a problem when it first occurs can save you a bunch of time and a bucketload of money.


We Aim To Fix The Cause

Leander Paving Pros know pretty much everything there is to know about concrete and asphalt. We’re experts in identifying what’s actually causing your asphalt or concrete to decay and then fixing the paving problem at its source. 

Our goal is provide a one fix lasting solution to deteriorating paving, rather than a superficial fix which lasts for only a few months. 


Go With Professionals You Can Trust

If you see cracks, crumbling or potholes — in fact, any surface damage whatsoever to your asphalt or concrete — then give us a call. We will:

  • Provide a free site-assessment, giving you a clear picture of what’s causing your problem
  • Present you with a costing, construction plan and work schedule before work commences
  • Do a professional, reliable job using premium materials, well-maintained equipment and a dedicated team of paving professionals. 

We are asphalt and concrete repair experts and we can help. 

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